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Living Teeple Cubby Room

by Designer Tommy Teeple, all artistic rights reserved.

Standard Teeple is $25,000, options additional.
Edible Landscapes teams with licensed contractors for your project.

Private Garden Room

Why have a Living Teeple Cubby Room?

• Great privacy get away spot in a natural setting – relax in peace
• Healthy: fresh air and no electro magnetic frequencies (EMFs)
• It has a one of a kind living edible roof! Easy to maintain.
• Getting closer to nature while producing your own food inspires a greener world
• It takes very little of the earth's resources to build
• Free up space inside the main house
• Functional practical art
• Kids love it and teenager's too
• It's FUN

StandardTeeple Project ($25,000) includes

• Up to a 10' x 10' room, 8' – 12' tall
• Living roof with up to 30 one foot by one foot trays
• organic soil and seeds in trays included
• Open ends
• Mosquito netting
• Animal proofed raised deck as flooring
• Douglas Fir or recycled wood
• Painted (organic non-toxic) or sealed natural wood
• Pea gravel or decomposed granite paths

Teeple Deluxe Options

• Low maintenance perennial roof with plants included
• 30 additional growing trays
• Skylights
• Redwood or Trex wood
• Finished wood interior
• Stone capping details for artistic finish and wood protection
• Sliding doors/windows
• Pro finish-Insulation and weather-proof sealing
• Outer deck or small patio
• Organic interior décor – curtains, etc.

Garden House

Bedding Options

• Orion negative ion EMF blocking negative ion warming pad
• Custom built bed frame from rough cut branches
• Acorn Organics organic sheets, pillows, and cases (

Sustainable Kit Options

• Water catch barrel (suggested: 55 gallons)
• Solar cooker
• Organic dehydrated food to last one month
• Electric solar panel to handle small appliances

Interior of Garden Room

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