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"A Salad a Day" Garden Box $995

Many people are budgeted minded, and so we offer the "Salad a Day" standard 4' x 8' garden box. It saves you and us time, and time is money! Have your garden installed in a day or two. Perfect for starters. Perfect to start small with a four foot by eight foot garden bed.

1. Vegetables & Herbs (qty. 21)
2. box 4' x 8' x 12" high (Douglas Fir wood or other recycled material)
3. soil
4. fertilizer
5. mulch
6. delivery

Salad a Day Garden Box Order

First Name *
Last Name *
Email *
Cell Phone
Home Phone
Do you have a flat spot on your property?
Do you get at least 3 hours of sun light per day?

When would you like your garden installed?

Note: It takes 1 to 3 days for installation.

Is there easy access to the garden location?
Will you or Tommy Teeple's Edible Landscapes maintain your garden?

Please choose the plants you'd like. Up to 21 are included in the Salad a Day Package.

Note: Availability changes season to season and depends on nursery stock.
Spring / Summer Examples
 Artichoke (perennial) 
 Cherry tomato 
 Peas & beans: sugar, snap, pole, green 
 Peppers: Sweet or Spicy 
 Spicy greens 
 Summer squash, e.g. zucchini 
 Strawberries (perennial) 
Fall/Winter Plant Examples
 Brussel sprouts-purple 
 Spicy greens 
 Turnips and other root vegetables 
Culinary Herbs/Edible Flowers - Perennial
 Lemon Verbena 
Culinary Herbs/Edible Flowers - Annual
 Red Clover 
 Snap Dragon 
Tea Garden
 Lemon Balm 
 Lemon Verbena 
 Rose Hips 
Fun Plants for Kids
 Beets & red cabbage (for craft projects) 
 Butterleaf Lettuce 
 Chocolate Mint 
 Cosmos Flowers 
 Hummingbird Sage 
 Lambs Ears (for soft fuzzy texture, not edible) 
 Pumpkins & Gourds 
 Snap Dragons 
 Soaproot (*native, for craft projects) 
 String Beans 
Medicinal Herbs to Consider
 Hummingbird Sage (*native) 
 Yerba Santa (*native) 
Which “extras” would you like beyond $995.00 for the 4’x8’x12”?
 $250 Gopher netting galvanized hardware cloth protection below garden  
 $1,500 Finished custom animal protection cabinet enclosure above garden with trim 
$425 Biodynamic compost covering 2" thick - see photos
 $750 Irrigation with timer. Price can vary with location of timer & labor 
 $300 Standard Wire Trellis covers 8 LF 
 $450 Artistic Trellis 8 LF 
 $250 Redwood or recycled timber 
 $200 20 extra plants 
 $75 Non toxic oil wood sealer 
 $125 Aqua Protect permanent wood sealer 
 $200 White wash non toxic soy based stain-comes in all colors 
 $125 Pond liner soil wood barrier 
 $850 Shade cloth sun protection custom built with trim 6' height 
$70/hr. Weekly garden maintenance 
$1,500 Water revitalizer ( installed. Prices vary with revitalizer selection.  
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