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Note: This consultation is a general overview of all content listed. We spend two or three minutes on each subject.
Important: You are welcome to have us focus on one area or another. Please inform us of this prior to the meeting.

Preparation for Gardening Coaching Consultation:

1) Look through pictures on our website and see if there is anything there specific you would like to have incorporated on your property and perhaps onto your theme drawing. Email us the file name at the bottom of the picture.

2) Provide any pictures and or concepts/ideas you may have from the internet (links), books, magazines, scans, etc.

3) Take a look at our Create a Food Forest at Home. Email us your interest.

4) Check out to understand a little bit about recommended water technology mimicking nature. Bottled water gone forever!

There's a lot of info we will share with in a short time. The goal is to get a general idea of your property-theme drawing. From the theme drawing, we start with a chosen installation, one phase at a time.

We recommend you start small and that you will be interactively involved with your Edible Landscape learning what works best on your own property as far as maintenance, climate conditions, family involvement, and future installations.

Consultation is $250 and Includes:
  • Site visit
  • Recommendations for appropriate garden project setting, size, design, and materials based on client's needs
  • 60 page consultation booklet

Consultation booklet includes:

  • The importance of a plan and a design
  • Vegetable garden standards designs/surveys/drawings and books
  • Secrets of the soil, mulch and organic fertilizers
  • Where to purchase your plants
  • Vegetable yield
  • When to plant certain vegetables-planting calendar.
  • What you can start from seed
  • When you can grow what
  • Hardscape-what materials will you build your garden from?
  • Animal and pest/disease control
  • Maintenance-weekly, monthly...
  • Water-how to water your garden with "living" water
  • Irrigation options
  • Resources-recommended installers, recycled materials, nurseries and
  • Typical pit falls of the beginner
A 60 page booklet covering all of the above topics is provided to you via an on-line link.


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